About Future Engage Deliver

A few years ago we began to notice two patterns:

  • Lots of people in senior leadership positions didn’t have a good grasp of what’s involved in leading. And they didn’t know how to help themselves and others get better at it.

  • Secondly, even more people at other levels of organisations didn’t see themselves as people who could lead and make a bigger difference.

It then dawned on us that much of the leadership industry was making leadership seem complicated and the preserve of only a chosen few. We decided that what was needed was a simple, practical approach to growing as a leader that anyone – regardless of position or title – could use to instantly help them make that bigger difference. And so Future – Engage – Deliver was born!

FED in action

The Times calls it “the no-nonsense approach shaking up the world of leadership”. Lord Gus O’Donnell, former Head of the Civil Service, recommends it to all calling it “instantly practical”. It’s appeared on the BBC News.And it’s the framework that we have used to grow leaders in dozens of clients like Boots, First Direct and Unilever, charities like Marie Curie, The National Trust and NSPCC, over twenty government departments and lots of schools, colleges and hospitals.

FED in a nutshell

The essence is that leading always starts in the Future with ideas and thoughts about how you’d like things to be. Second you have to engage people so that they want to build that Future with you. And then you draw the best from yourself and others to make things happen. It’s as simple as that and all of us can flex these muscles to make an even bigger difference.

FED in Practice

The team tailor FED to support clients in individual coaching, team development and via organisation-wide leadership development, employee engagement or culture-change programmes.

We provide weekly nudges about FED to help you keep your leadership front of mind. You can receive them either by following us on Twitter  or by subscribing here in order to receive them in an email.